Kery Flex Nail Restoration

Are you uncomfortable about showing your unattractive toenails out on the beach, on a cruise, or with those opened toe heels. Dr. Edwin Mow can now help your feet to feel and look good in public again with a medical cosmetic nail restoration procedure. Kery Flex nail restoration is an in office procedure, performed by medical personnel, to cosmetically form a durable, flexible, comfortable and natural nail plate over the reshaped damaged nail. No anesthetic is required. Kery Flex is used to manage fungal diseased nails, as well as nails affected by psoriasis, rheumatoid arthritis, runner’s toe and many other traumatic and medical disorders. Anti fungal oral or topical medications can still be used with the Kery Flex nail. Now you don’t have to put off that pool party, Caribbean cruise or wearing those nice sandals. Call 302-424-1760 for a consultation or appointment with Dr. Mow.